Tournaments By Date

2013 Summer 7′s Rugby Calender

May 2013 7′s Rugby Tournaments

May 4 National Small College 7′s (Northwest and Central Q)

May 4 Okaloosa 7′s (Ft Walton Beach, FL)

May 11 Sunshine State 7′s (Lakewood Ranch, FL)

May 18 Break em in 7′s (Forty Ford, PA)

May 18 Subaru 7′s (Wilmington, DE)

May 18-19 Rio Grande Celtic 7′s (Albuquerque, NM)

May 25 Denton 7′s (Denton, TX)

May 25 Memorial Day 7′s (Charleston, SC)

May 25 Notre Dame 7′s (South Bend, IN)

May 25 Shenanigan 7′s (Phoenix, AZ)

May 25 Todd Miller 7′s (Tampa, FL)


June 2012 7′s Rugby Tournaments

June 1 Arizona 7′s (Chaparral, AZ)

June 1 Leinies Cash 7′s (Appleton, WI)

June 1-2 Georgia RFU 7′s  (Athens, GA)

June 8 Airborne 7′s (Fayetteville, NC)

June 8 Blue Ball 7′s (Wilmington, DE)

June 8 Blue Plum 7′s (Johnson City, TN)

June 8 Daytona Beach 7′s  (Daytona Beach, FL)

June 8 Greenvegas 7′s (Greenville, SC)

June 8 Iowa 7′s  (Des Moines, IA)

June 8 Lehigh Valley 7′s (Bethlehem, PA)

June 8 Lighthouse 7′s (Fon Du Lac, WI)

June 8 Midnight 7′s (Las Vegas, NV)

June 8 South Shore 7′s (Braintree, MA)

June 8 Ventura 7′s (Ventura, CA)

June 15 Bloodfest 7′s (Ausitn, TX)

June 15 Bryn Mawr 7′s (Bryn Mawr, PA)

June 15 Mad Town 7′s (Cottage Grove, IL)

June 15 Midnight 7′s (Atlanta, GA)

June 15 North Penn 7′s (Hatfield, PA)

June 15 OMBAC 7′s (San Diego, CA)

June 15 Pick 7′s (Ft. Washington, MD)

June 15 Rockaway Beach 7′s (New York, NY)

June 15 Tatunka 7′s (Olympia, WA)

June 15 Washington 7′s (Washington, DC)

June 16 Quicksilver 7′s (San Jose, CA)

June 22 Back Nine 7′s (Augusta, GA)

June 22 Firehouse 7′s (Lemont, IL)

June 22 Harborfest 7′s (Kenosha, WI)

June 22 Hotter n Hell 7′s (Columbus, GA)

June 22 Huntington Beach 7′s (Huntington Beach, CA)

June 22 Jojo Moore 7′s (Cornwall, NY)

June 22 June Doom 7′s (Mandeville, LA)

June 22 NOVA Ruggerama 7′s (Washington, DC)

June 22 Pocono Olympic 7′s (E Strousburg, PA)

June 22 Roy Lucas 7′s (West Linn, OR)

June 22 Sizzling 7′s (Tempe, AZ)

June 22 Surfin 7′s (W Palm Beach, FL)

June 22 Woodlands 7′s (Woodlands, TX)

June 22 Worcester 7′s (Worcester, MA)

June 29 Capital City 7′s (Columbia, SC)

June 29 Harrisburg 7′s (Campbelltown, PA)

June 29 Lakefront 7′s (Milwaukee, WI)

June 29 Monmouth 7′s (Lincroft, NJ)

June 29 Newport 7′s (Newport, RI)

June 29 Rogue Valley 7′s (Medford, OR)

June 29 Santa Monica 7′s (Santa Monica, CA)

June 29 Vulcan 7′s (Birmingham, AL)


July 2013 7′s Rugby Tournaments

July 6-7 Cape Fear 7′s (Wilmington, NC)

July 6 KC Blues 7′s (Kansas City, KS)

July 6 Miami Leka Memorial 7′s (Miami, FL)

July 6 Old Blue Midnight 7′s (New York, NY)

July 6 Tennessee 7′s (Knoxville, TN)

July 6 Tri-State 7′s (Danbury, CT)

July 12 Can Am 7′s (Ferndale, WA)

July 13 Cape Cod 7′s (Eastham, MA)

July 13 Cheese Steak 7′s (Wilmington, DE)

July 13 Georgia Games Twilight 7′s (Atlanta, GA)

July 13 Las Vegas Showcase 7′s (Las Vegas, NV)

July 13 Lone Star 7′s (Dallas, TX)

July 13 Monk Vaughn 7′s (Richmond, VA)

July 13 New Haven 7′s (Cheshire, CT)

July 13 Redfish 7′s (Baton Rouge, LA)

July 13 Rock-n-Roll 7′s (Cleveland, OH)

July 13 Santa Barbara 7′s (Santa Barbara, CA)

July 13 Sweat 7′s (Little Rock, AR)

July 13 Toys for Tots 7′s (Des Moines, IA)

July 20 Beerfoot 7′s (Naples, FL)

July 20 Beer City 7′s (Asheville, NC)

July 20 Belmont Shore 7′s (Long Beach, CA)

July 20 Cherrybone 7′s (The Woodlands, TX)

July 20 Denver 7′s (Denver, CO)

July 20 New Haven 7′s (New Haven, CT)

July 20 Pacific RFU 7′s Championship (Seattle, WA)

July 20 Princeton 7′s (South Brunswick, NJ)

July 20 Road Kill 7′s (Binghampton, NY)

July 20 South RFU 7′s Championship (Atlanta, GA)

July 20 Surfside 7′s (Stone Harbor, NJ)

July 20 Tacoma Aroma 7′s (Tacoma, WA)

July 20-21 Pacific RFU Championships (Seattle, WA)

July 21 Norfolk 7′s (Norfolk, VA)

July 27 Hells Gate 7′s (New York, NY)

July 27 Middlesex 7′s (Woburn, MA)

July 27 Nutmeg State 7′s (New Britain, CT)

July 27 Oasis 7′s (San Diego, CA)

July 27 Pitch a Tent 7′s (Chattanooga, TN)


August 2013 7′s Rugby Tournaments

August 3 Elvis 7′s (Memphis, TN)

August 3 Corvallis 7′s (Corvallis, OR)

August 3 South Bay 7′s (Carson, CA)

August 10 Gate City 7′s (Nashua, NH)

August 10-11 Mens and Women’s Nat’l Championships (Cheswick, PA)

August 17 Atlantic Cup 7′s (Lewes, DE)

August 17 Hammond 7′s (Hammond, LA)

August 24 Hurricane 7′s (Panama City Beach, FL)